You've worked extremely hard, spent thousands

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real estate license



ReDirect offers you the perfect solution for keeping your license active and earning thousands from your referrals.

There are NO realtor fees, MLS fees, E&O or monthly office fees.


You'll save a ton on fees every year. Activating your CA real estate license as a ReDirect Associate Licensee agent enables you to save your hard-earned real estate license and professional status, legally get paid real estate buyer and seller referral commissions through our network, and also benefit from $1000’s of yearly tax deductions by being an active licensed agent (professional status on your tax returns)


Becoming a ReDirect Realty Licensee agent is an easy, inexpensive, and superior option to going inactive or letting your license expire where you have ZERO earning potential!


To ReDirect your license there is NO annual membership fee at this time!  You may place your referral with the agent of your choice anywhere in the world. You can refer residential, commercial, new construction, even land deals! A 25% referral of a $300k property will put $1,925 in your pocket. Easy money with the power of your valuable active real estate license!